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Reproductive rates can be controlled by BEHAVIORAL MANAGEMENT saving the taxpayers millions of dollars from unnecessary roundups.
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gila wild horse herd



Must be able to have positive relationships with horses;  must be reliable, able to fix fence, drive tractor, lift 100# panels, clean stalls,  and multi task, assist with behavioral studies., no smoking drugs or alcohol.

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  • ISPMB Mustangs in beautiful South Dakota ISPMB Mustangs in beautiful South Dakota
  • The debate about the use of birth control on wild horses and burros is coming to the forefront.
  • ISPMB herds show that functional social structures contribute to low herd growth compared to BLM managed herds
  • Wipe out on Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge! Wipe out on Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge!
  • Sponsor a Horse
  • Sandwash roundup - Inhumane BLM Roundups Must Stop! Sandwash roundup - Inhumane BLM Roundups Must Stop! Inhumane BLM roundups must stop!
  • American Horses Win!  2014 Hailed a Great Year.
  • Adopt a Horse - Good Homes Sought for Rare Horses Adopt a Horse - Good Homes Sought for Rare Horses Good homes sought for rare horses
  • Contemplating Earth Day Through the Eyes of a Wild Horse Contemplating Earth Day Through the Eyes of a Wild Horse Through the eyes of a wild horse
  • Limited Edition Professional Photos from famous Wild Life Photographer Weldon Lee Photos taken by famous Wild Life Photographer


ISPMB led the way in creating the first ever wild horse adoption program in 1968, which led to the creation of the federal Adopt-A-Horse/Burro program operated by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).
In 1971 there were 303 wild herds recognized in the ten western states to be protected under the Act.  Today hundreds of herds have been eliminated by the BLM leading to ISPMB's decision to create a new paradigm in protection of America's wild horses and burros through conservation.



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Fate of wild horsesEPOCH TIMES, November 2014
What will be the fate of wild horses on America's public lands? If a cow-and-a-half are worth $3,000 and a horse is worth nothing there is soon to be an apocalypse for the horse.

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Earth Day 2014Navajo Ride To Save Their Horses
All direction trail ride to Window Rock.
July 14th - 21st 2014.

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Earth Day 2014Contemplating Earth Day Through the Eyes of a Wild Horse - Then and Now
Written by Karen Sussman based on her knowledge of wild horses and the rich Native Culture amongst which she resides


mustang adoptionGood Homes Sought For Rare Horses
As ISPMB downsizes due to lack of availability of hay. This is a first time and rare opportunity.
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A Heart Warming StoryA Heart Warming Story to Raise Your Spirits
Santiago returns to his herd.
The 'will to live' of a wild horse is one of most extraordinary qualities of 'wild.'
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Amazing wild horse behaviorAmazing Wild Horse Behavior - Saving the Black Stallion
This information is intended to show the true spirit and magnificence of these wild animals which are fast disappearing from our American landscapes.  Your donations will help our work.
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Win a Trip to Our RanchWin a Trip to Our Ranch
Enjoy a Weekend With the Mustangs in Beautiful South Dakota.
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